Geoff Faerber's Bio

"The Importance of passionately pursuing your dreams must never be underestimated"




Geoff Faerber

The dream of this expedition came to me while backpacking along the Yellowstone River. I became entranced by the notion that the very water that I was observing in Montana, would eventually flow into the ocean some 3,200 miles away. "The dream was formed"

I believe that this expedition in an incredible opportunity to demonstrate that great obstacles can be overcome through the pursuit of your dreams. I am also very excited by the possibility of raising funds for organizations that instill this belief in young people.

I have made a conscious choice to dedicate my life to the service of others. After graduating from Wabash College in 1998, I undertook a series of short-term volunteer projects. Including working in a group home for underprivileged youth, rebuilding a medieval village in France, and working at a peace and reconciliation center in Northern Ireland. The past 4 summers, I have lead outdoor adventure trips for the American Youth Foundation. My long-term plans are to start an after-school-program and work with kids.

I can't wait to get out on the river!


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